Walk Your Way to a Disease Free Heart

Aerobic exercises are very easy to do and yet it possesses a lot of health benefits for those who engage in it on a regular basis. Through it, one will be able to do a lot of good not only for himself. Any kind of physical activity surely enables the heart rates to soar high. […]

Walk with Ease Program and Arthritis Pain

The Arthritis Foundation was able to create a walking program which can be accomplished in six weeks’ time. This means that the person who has arthritis will not be under so much pain when exercising. He will also be able to decrease the extent of the disabilities that occur as a result of arthritis. Apart […]

How Walking Can Lower Cholesterol Levels

Having an active lifestyle is necessary in order for someone to stay healthy. Exercising regularly and frequently is the best way through which one can stay active and fit. This should be given importance because if one does not exercise adequately and has a sedentary lifestyle, he will become predisposed to many lifestyle related diseases. […]

The Good Things Obtained from Walking

We all know what regular exercise can do for our bodies and for our health. Still, not many of us take the need for exercise seriously. Exercising regularly does not necessarily require one to go to great lengths just to become physically fit. It does not even require having to go to the gym or […]

How to Choose the Best Pair of Walking Shoes

Some people might think that selecting a pair of walking shoes is such a menial task that does not require so much thought or attention. Being able to choose the right kind of walking shoes that are comfortable to wear is actually very important. It will determine how comfortable you will be while walking which […]

Is Fitness Walking Effective for Weight Loss

When people talk about activities that help them lose weight, walking is not always mentioned. However, it is actually a very effective means of keeping the body active and healthy. Apart from this, it also enables a person to gain control over his weight. In order for walking to be a truly successful activity for […]

Losing Weight and Walking: What’s Right and What’s Not

Walking is something that we do in our day to day lives. In fact, it so much a part of us that we do it even without conscious thought.  It is just a simple movement. Little do we know that walking can be a means for us to improve our health and to control our […]

Boost Your Fitness Level with Nordic Walking

Exercise is essential in keeping a person fit as well as in maintaining one’s weight within what is normal for his height and age. One of the simplest and commonly used means of exercise is walking. It is effective and does not have to cost you a cent. All one needs is a comfortable pair […]

How to Set Your Pedometer

Today, people talk about dieting and exercise more openly, though, much misinformation and mystery still surrounds health problems and obesity. This is because people are not getting the correct facts about the situation, thus, they tend to fail in the process. Take for example the ways of using the correct exercising equipments. Many people thought […]

10,000 Steps a Day Walking Program

The “10,000 Steps A day” Walking Program Can Help You Loss The Bulge While Staying Healthy. Studies prove that all forms of physical activity aid in reducing stress as well as decreases your risk of having chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and high blood pressure. It helps you loss and manage your weight […]