How to Set Your Pedometer

Today, people talk about dieting and exercise more openly, though, much misinformation and mystery still surrounds health problems and obesity. This is because people are not getting the correct facts about the situation, thus, they tend to fail in the process.

Take for example the ways of using the correct exercising equipments. Many people thought that these devices have been tried and tested and will work with the kind of exercise it corresponds to. What they do not know is that each device was made for a specific function. Using them wrongly can only bring about problems and further damage.

Hence, when some people talk about certain exercise accessories such as pedometer, it is imperative to know the proper operating procedures of the product before using it or even before buying one.

In particular, people should know what pedometers are all about before trying to use them. Knowing how to set your pedometer is extremely important to get the best result.

First, let us define what pedometer is all about. This remarkable device was actually created to calculate the “step” an individual makes whenever he runs or walks. The number of steps will determine if a person has rendered enough steps that will guarantee the necessary amount of calories and fats to be burned.

Since it is an electronic device, its operative features must be set to render correct functions. If you are newbie and do not know how to set it, here is a list of simple guides that will help you set your pedometer.

1. Read the manual

Like the other electronic items, it is imperative to read the manual first before trying to operate the machine. This will ensure safe and effective operations of the device.

The manual will tell you how to operate the device properly and learn under what condition you should operate the item.

2. Measure your regular stride

It is imperative that you measure your regular stride first before you try to set your pedometer. This step will enable your pedometer to compute for the distance you have traveled.

Stride refers to the gap between the foot’s heel point and the point where that same foot touched the ground. Hence, if your pedometer asks you for your “average stride length,” you will know what kind of steps to take and measure.

3. Measure your step length

Before your pedometer can calculate for the distance you have traveled, it is important to know your regular “step length” first.

Step length refers to the distance between the heel of your first foot and the heel of your second foot. Usually, a step is covered when one leg was moved forward once.

4. Set the unit of measurement

Before using your pedometer, it is important that you set it according to the unit of measurement you want to use. This will facilitate the calculation process and get the result in the same unit of measurement. Or you can convert it to your required unit.

Given all those steps, setting a pedometer may not be as hard as you have thought it to be. You just have to be aware of your steps and strides for you to set your pedometer correctly. Keep in mind that pedometer is a device that can help you count the steps that you have made. It can never calculate your steps automatically without knowing what your average steps and strides are.